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History of Midwest Paving LLC.

During an era of uncertainty in 2013, two dedicated men had a dream.  With 50+ years of combined experience, starting with just one paving crew, Matt Kelley and Doug Denney launched Midwest Paving LLC.(MWP). Utilizing multiple paving, stone grading, paving preparation, and  mainline milling crews, MWP is now capable of  handling all facets of INDOT, municipal, and commercial paving. In 2015 MWP expanded to include our Site Division. This expansion allowed MWP to provide additional services for our customers from the ground up. MWP’s pipe and dirt crews are well equipped in the installation and testing of storm and sanitary sewer, deep sewer, waterline, and other underground utilities.  MWP’s dirt/grading(heavy and light) crews are well armed with the latest GPS technology. Being prequalified with INDOT for light grading, deep sewer/excavation, small structures/drainage, asphalt paving and asphalt milling, we look forward to meeting or exceeding our customer’s needs. As Matt and Doug continue to keep Midwest Paving grounded on the key historical elements of relationships, good employees, dedication to customers, and their faith, they still continue directing MWP towards controlled expansion. 

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